Sorry, the tailwheel transition training is not available at this time. Ferry Flights and hourly training might fit into my schedule, please email me

Flight Instruction

Specialized in Tailwheel Transition Training $1,390 featuring a Maule MX-7-180

Check Out includes

Introduction to Taildragger, Groundschool

Differences Training

Taxi Training (i.e. wind influence, aileron control, tailwheel behavior)

approx. 15 hours (insurances and proficiency may require more instruction for Maule airplanes and other taildragger)

Taildragger Sign Off after competentency check (counts as BFR)*)
*) depending on abilities - more time may be required

Hourly Training available in your airplane $45

Maule MX-7-180 addtl. $65/hr

Ferry Flights - please call for quote

Instrument Competency Checks


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