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KernerCo Aviation Services originated as C.S.S Computer System Services in Calistoga 1992, providing Computer/Hard- and Software Installation, Programming and Repair. Until then I had split my attention between my business and commercial Flying. In 1996 I moved to Hawaii to pursue my flying full-time. Soon I founded AlohaCo to do some part-time Computer Services. After my move back to the mainland (Southern California, Nevada and now Northern California) I renamed my part-time company KernerCo Aviation Services providing now the complete spectrum of our services. Since I have a full-time job with Hawaiian Airlines, I restrict my computer services to aviation related businesses. My goal is to provide safe and extensive taildragger instruction, Flight Reviews and Instrument competency checks. I strive for quality rather than quantity. We have worked together with insurances to develop a syllabus for taildragger instruction. We also offer some products announced on the Soft- and Hardware page of this website...

About Me ....

I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. My passion for flying started 3 days after my 15th birthday with sailplane flying in a Rhoehnlerche at Segelflugschule Hornberg in Germany. My instructor was the former priest Winfried Klein. I was his first student. 3 days later I soloed and was hooked. Soon I returned to fly some more. Two years later I decided that flying during my vacation only is not enough and I joined the Hamburger Aero Club HAC Boberg. When I was able to afford it, I owned in partnership in a Std. Libelle, a wonderful sailplane, one of the first fiberglass sailplanes built. My passion was the sailplane flying. To be able to get around I got my motorglider license, and later my add-on airplane license at the Aero Club Hamburg, with my dear friend and very capable Instructor and Examiner Werner Schultz. After finishing school I briefly considered a career with Lufthansa, but LH was not hiring at that time and had no female pilots yet (the first 2 women were hired in 1986).

After a year of working in Las Palmas, Canary Islands to better my Spanish and Mess- und Foerdertechnicks Aviation Supply department, I started my studies of Computer Science for Business Administration and completed with a master degree at the Fachhochschule Wedel.

For two years I worked as a auditor/controller at the Hamburger Gaswerke AG, at that time a 2200 employee strong gas provider for Hamburg and surroundings, reporting directly to the 3 directors and being responsible to ensure the safety and economics of the IT and organization departments. I quit in 1990 to immigrate to the USA. There I settled in Southern California and worked with A+H Business Services in the computer field. One year later I moved to Northern California to help Joerg Steber of Hamburg's "Himmelsschreiber" to establish a Skywriting and banner towing business in Petaluma. At this time I acquired my commercial pilots license. Because of funding difficulties we never got an airplane. After a year as marketing assistant for Birkenstock I quit to found CSS Computer System Services. I divided my time between my computer business and Flying work: Tow Pilot for Calistoga Gliders, Ferry Pilot for Maule Airplanes and Flight Instruction (mainly Maule transition training). I worked closely together with Jeremy Ainsworth of Maule AK Worldwide. We sold an airplane to Hawaii and I moved with it to work for Safari Helicopters flying volcano tours and establishing the fixed wing branch of Safari. After a year I applied with Island Air to fly Twin-Otters and DHC-8s. C.S.S. Computer System Services became AlohaCo. Another year later I was ready to move back to the mainland, applied with Hawaiian Airlines and moved back to the mainland at first as a DC-10 flight engineer and after one year as a First Officer in the DC-10, switching to Boeing 767-300ER when Hawaiian changed our fleet. After the closure of our Pilots base in San Francisco and my relocation to Hawaii, I decided to switch to interisland flying for a while and fly as a First Officer Hawaiian's Boeing 717-200 at this time.

My business is renamed KernerCo Aviation Services and I have been using my 1986 Maule MX-7-180 and clients airplanes for Flight Instruction, offer Ferry Flights (also in conjunction with Flight Instruction), BFRs, Instrument Competency Checks, Website Design and Book Keeping for Aviation Businesses. Because of my full time job with Hawaiian, my availabilities are limited. Since I have been based in Hawaii, I had to sell my Maule.

I am still offering competetively priced and professional ferry flights to anywhere in the US and beyond to deliver your Maule.

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